About Us

We designed this site to give further understanding about the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems. In deciding on a topic for this project we considered two factors: how will this be useful in society and how is this topic meaningful. We noticed that people connect to each other through hashtags and popular topics on the Web. With this in mind, we agreed to explore the uses and gratifications that people receive from utilizing  the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems.

While this project originally began as a way to shed light on the negative aspects of using the hashtag, we found that there are many positive qualities about gathering around topics on the Web.

Our team

Amanda-QuoteAmanda Proscia is a graduate student in the School of Journalism at Michigan State University. Proscia is a writer for Great Lakes Echo and she frequently suffers from First World problems. She hopes to be gainfully employed upon her graduation in 2016.
Email: prosciaa@msu.edu




Kristen Lynch is a graduate student in the Communication Department at Michigan State University. Lynch is a graduate assistant for MSU and enjoys compulsively eating burritos. She hopes to finish her thesis before her graduation in 2015.
Email: lynchkr3@msu.edu


Contact us

Should you have any questions, please ask below:


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